About this site

It all started when I got promoted to a team lead position after being a software engineer, and no one told me what and how to lead. I had to search the internet myself and gather notes, quotes, and experiences from other managers from their blogs, books, tweets, podcasts, videos, and any other place of knowledge.

Then I came across life-changing books:

  • NVC (Nonviolent communication) by Marshall Rosenberg about how our purpose should be contributing to each other's lives to create meaning in our lives
  • Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon about the value of simply showing your work to the world.

So, I decided to publish my notes on the work I gathered through the years. I will keep collecting them here to help me organize my notes in one place and share them with anyone looking to navigate their own experience with management leadership or mental health.

My goal is to help and contribute to someone else life, and if you have similar goals, you are in the right place :) please help to share and get in touch on the contact page.

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