Being a team leader or engineering manager is difficult; it requires new learnings and skills. Skills that no one told us how to have or where to start.

Starting a career in management always comes at the cost of the manager themselves as they have to make sacrifices for the team and make mistakes they can avoid by getting guidance and support from their managers or company.

Unfortunately, not everyone is lucky to have a great manager or a great company to support their transition from individual contributor to a manager, and here comes, where we try to give new managers early in their careers the guidance and direction to navigate their way to become super managers πŸš€

How Can Managernotes Help Me?

I offer multiple opportunities to work with individuals and teams to build successful teams to bring the business forward and increase the manager's confidence and skills to lead any team in all situations.

(1on1) Coaching & Mentorship

Say Less, Ask More & Change the Way You Lead Forever!

Which areas can managernotes help you with?

  • Shift your mindset from individual contributor (IC) to manager.
  • Setting personal and career goals for yourself or your team members.
  • Building teams for success.
  • Delegation and Teamwork.
  • Weekly and daily tactics in your team.
  • Set the right team values and culture.
  • Project Management.
  • Time Management.
  • Hiring and resource allocation.
  • Performance Review, Salaries, and Promotions.
  • Work with strategies and roadmaps.
  • Use Data and track the right metrics.

Don't know what the exact help you need is? No problem :)

Book a FREE call with me to hear from you and find out what support I can provide to you to become a super manager πŸš€ Β 

Quick Meeting with Rashid Alshobaki
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