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Hello there πŸ‘‹

My name is Rashid Al-Shobaki, and I am an Engineering Leader.

I love watching & playing Football, Listening to Music, and Taking Notes πŸ“

I was born in Jordan πŸ‡―πŸ‡΄ and spent my first 27 years there, where I finished studying software engineering and then started working on my company iaraby between 2010 - 2014.

In 2016 I moved to Germany πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ and I've been living there since.

In Germany, I worked in startups at different stages and led software engineering teams at different levels.

In 2019, I started helping other managers to build high-performing and successful teams.

What Inspired me to Start

One day I got promoted to a team lead position after being a software engineer, and no one told me what and how to lead; I had to search the Internet myself and gather notes, quotes, and experiences from other managers' blogs, books, tweets, podcasts, videos, ...etc. Then I came across these life-changing books:

  • NVC (Nonviolent Communication) by Marshall Rosenberg is about how our purpose in life should be contributing to each other's lives to create meaning and purpose.
  • Show Your Work! by Austin Kleon about the value of simply showing your work to the world, which may help someone else.

So, I decided to publish my notes on the work I gathered through the years to show my work and contribute to someone else life :)

My Leadership Philosophy

Successful People are the core of Successful Businesses!

During my over 14 years of experience as an engineer or a manager, I have been blessed to work with very talented people; I have learned from them and extended that learning by searching the Internet for guidance, especially in my first years of navigating my new path as a manager.

Growing into a manager wasn't easy; every new manager must learn many new skills and undergo many changes! Learning and Practice are the key difference between an ordinary leader and a super leader πŸš€

I tried to keep up with the learning by taking notes from podcasts, books, courses, or conferences. Later, when I started sharing those learnings with fellow managers and leaders. I saw how helpful those learnings and notes were to them!

This inspired me to take my notes to the next level and make them available to the world! And that's how was born :) With the purpose to:

Help Leaders & Managers Navigate Their Way To Becoming Super Managers πŸš€

Would you like to connect? Share ideas or work together, please use the contact page to connect anywhere over the Internet :)

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